3M™ EVM Environmental Monitors EVM-4

3M ID 70071580156
  • Kit includes Base model with with CO2 sensor and standard accessories
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Attribute Name
Air Velocity
Battery Life
8 hours
Battery Type
Case Quantity
Data Logging
Kits & Systems
Kit Type
Air Quality Monitor Kit
Measurement Parameters
Avg, Level, Max, Min, STEL, TWA
Product Series
Product Type
Air Quality Monitor
Sensor Type
Included Sensors: Relative Humidity, Temperature; Available Sensors: CO, CO2, O2, H2S, NO, NO2, HCN, EtO, CL2, S02, Photoionization Detector ppb, Air Velocity
Product Details
  • Kit includes Base model with with CO2 sensor and standard accessories

The 3M™ EVM Environmental Monitors EVM-4 is designed for indoor air quality analysis with its ability to simultaneously monitor and log one toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature.

The EVM 4`s compact size and displayed overview of parameters help simplify indoor air quality assessments. This versatile monitor features a tripod mount and security code protection for unattended studies. Additionally, the EVM 4 offers calculation of room air exchange rates with carbon dioxide trending algorithms for air quality evaluations (with Detection Management Software DMS). The EVM 4 includes base model with CO2 Sensor, two Dummy Sensors (used to seal socket when no sensor is present), 53 263 12V DC Universal Input Power Supply, 53 575 USB Cable, 74 726 Toxic Calibration Adapter and 74 718 Storage Case.