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3M™ Riveters Tape 695, White, 99 mm x 50 m, 0.08 mm

  • 3M ID 70006149705

Tack-free "window" holds rivets in place during riveting

Easy visibility of rivets improves riveting tasks

Conformable backing holds rivets securely

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  • Tack-free "window" holds rivets in place during riveting
  • Easy visibility of rivets improves riveting tasks
  • Conformable backing holds rivets securely
  • Adhesive strips prevent adhesive residue from contaminating aircraft rivet points
  • Tape effectively positions and stabilizes to speed the riveting process

Another innovative idea from 3M, our 3M™ Riveters Tape 695, is a polyethylene film backing with a rubber-strip coated along edges of tape only and translucent, tack-free center "window" that holds rivets in place for fast installation. The translucent, tack-free center “window” helps ensure easy visibility of rivets without hindering riveting operations.

The center portion of the tape does not adhere to the rivets and will not interfere with normal riveting processes. The acrylic adhesive strips provide good immediate tack to aluminum and removes easily and cleanly. Neither the polyethylene film nor the adhesive contribute to aircraft skin damage like some polyester film backings can. 3M Science Saving Time and Money Speeding up riveting processes and reducing the repetition of placing and riveting one rivet at a time is often accomplished by holding the rivets in place with masking tape. This method is somewhat effective however, not being able to see the rivet heads clearly and tape residue can be detrimental to the metal surface, particularly aluminum, and require careful cleanup afterward. 3M™ Riveters Tape 695 is the ideal solution to hold rivets in place and allow the operator to clearly see each rivet for faster sequential riveting, helping to save time and operational costs. Our tape is specially designed with a 2 mil tack free polyethylene backing that allows clear visibility and securely holds each rivet in place. The acrylic adhesive coating that runs along both edges of the tape provides high tack yet removes cleanly from aluminum surfaces. Knowing that riveting work cannot always be brought indoors, we formulated the tape to perform in temperatures as low as -20° F/ -29° C and as high as 120° F/ 49° C. Industries where 3M™ Riveters Tape 695 is useful include transportation‎, aircraft manufacturing, aircraft MRO, specialty vehicle‎, metalworking‎, metal fabrication, sheet metal, ship building, automotive‎, military & government‎.

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